1st February

What happens on February 1st in Kildare? 

St. Brigids Day


Here is the schedule for the celebration of St Brigid's Day on February 1st 2012


1.00pm: “Sli Bhride”

The Official Launch of Sli na Slainte 
1pm: ‘Sli Bride’ The official launch of Sli na Slainte Routes  Sli Bhride and The Hundred Acres followed by a guided walk of Sli Bhride (approx. 4km long).  
Assemble: St. Brigid’s Square, (Opposite CYMS Hall) Kildare Town at 12.45 p.m.

2.00 – 4.00pm: Weaving St. Brigid’s Crosses

Visitors will have the opportunity to weave a St. Brigid’s cross.
Venue: Heritage Centre, Kildare Town

9.00pm: Night of Traditional Music, Song

Share a song or story with local musicians in the cosy fireside ambience of a local pub.

St. Brigid’s Well.

This well is a site for religious devotion particularly on St. Brigid’s annual day of February 1st. During St. Brigids Day, many people will visit the well during all hours of the day. People usually drink the water in St. Brigids well for good luck during the new year.

St. Brigid Cathedral.

St. Brigid’s Cathedral is located on the original grounds of St. Brigid’s wooden church. In 1223 and 1230 the present Cathedral was built. It was in ruins by the year 1500, partially rebuilt in 1686 and finally restored to its present state in 1856. Major Restoration works took place in 1996, which show the final results of the Cathedral above J People will visit this cathedral and pictures of the original wooden church are hung in the present cathedral, so people will be able to observe them. 

St. Brigid’s Flame.

This flame is situated in the heart of Kildare Town. This flame never extinguishes during the whole year, it symbolizes the fact that St. Brigid is always present in Kildare. 

The Hundred Acres Heritage Trail

The Hundred Acres Heritage Trail is a self-guided walk/heritage trail of the Town which physically links the major attractions and is currently a popular keep-fit route for local inhabitants.

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