Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Poem for St Bridget's Day

Aoibheann, Kate and Meg were in a group that were researching poems about and prayers to St Brigid. After researching they all decided to write their own poems. This is a poem that Aoibheann and Kate wrote together. 

The Day

By Aoibheann O’Farrell and Kate O’Neill

Once a year the day comes around
The reeds of the cross are tightly bound,
In the towns land of Kildare
There are parades and festivals everywhere,
The children play, laugh and cheer
They feel her holy presence near,
People tell stories and they spoke
They spoke of the woman in the cloak,
She spread her cloak across the land
Where now her church proudly stands,
She did this because she could not pay,
Yes, it is St.Brigid’s day!

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