Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Saint Bridget’s Poem

Meg, Aoibheann and Kate were in a group that were researching poems about and prayers to St Brigid. After researching they all decided to write their own poems. This is a poem that Meg wrote.

Saint Bridget’s Poem

By Meg Maguire
The first of February comes once a year
And with it comes a great big cheer.
Cheering for the Saint that is
Saint Bridget of Kildare, Ireland.

She longed for land to build a church
But money, oh, she had to search
And then upon a great field she stumbled
A cathedral here, she would be so humbled.

She begged the owner to show her love
And share his wealth of land above
He laughed and said ‘Throw your cloak’
‘Where it lands you may own’, he joked.

So Bridget threw her soft blue cloak
And to all surprise it began to grow
Grow and stretch far and wide
Till Bridget had enough land by her side.

The owner grunted but kept his deal
The land was Bridget’s on all appeal.
She built a church and today it stands
County Kildare on that same land.

Here is Meg reading her own poem

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